Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscape Supplies

If you are a landscaper searching for the best wholesale rate, commercial developer after large quantities, best product or simply the best price, make sure you contact Oz Landscape Supplies.  We specialise in bulk supply at great rates, in fact, the more you buy - the more you save, we will guarantee it!  

We can deliver huge quantities with ease, from the Central Coast, throughout the Hunter Valley, Tamworth, Port Macquarie; wherever our customers require it.

There are several categories of landscape materials to consider when planning a job:

Garden Soils
These are soils that people will need to put in their gardens and should be a good mix of different ingredients that will provide the best soil mix. These typically include: 

  • Premium Garden Mix
  • Organic Garden Mix
  • Planter Box Mix - Commercial Supply Only - made to order.
  • Native Garden Mix
  • Organic Turf Underlay
  • Organic Lawn Builder

Which one you choose to purchase will depend on the job you are doing and whether you are focusing on the garden, or other environments.

Decorative Mulches
These are mulch ingredients that combine the best from nature to help decorate an area of the lawn or garden for cosmetic value. These include: 

  • Hardwood Chip
  • Premium Hardwood Chip
  • Cypress Chip
  • Premium Cypress Chip
  • Redwood Chip
  • Wood Flake Mulch - currently out of stock, no ETA
  • Aged Leaf Mulch
  • Forest Mulch
  • Premium Forest Mulch
  • Forest Fines Mulch
  • Premium Garden Mulch
  • 20mm Pine Bark
  • Softfall (certified for playground use)

People prefer different colours and looks for their decorative areas of lawn and garden so be sure to ask the people you are landscaping for what their preference is.

Soil Improvers
These are therapeutic solutions for the soil and are most often used to get the soil ready to plant.  

  • Soil Conditioner
  • Chicken Manure
Decorative Gravels
These are accents for flower beds, gardens, and other areas of the landscaping where you can create an attractive rock accent. Depending on the other parts of the landscape, people may want various color combinations or rock types.  Examples of these are: 

  • White Pebble (various shapes and sizes: Scoria or Cowra)
  • Red River Pebble
  • Snow Gum Pebble
  • Grey Gum Pebble
  • 14mm Rhyolite Rock
  • Rhyolite Dust

Quarry Products
These products are meant to serve as filler in certain areas where there needs to be a way to soak up the rain or drainage, to add an attractive edge to a garden area, or other areas. Types of popular quarry products include: 

  • Lightweight Drainage Aggregate
  • 10/14 Drainage Aggregate (Blue Metal)
  • 20mm Drainage Aggregate
  • 40mm Drainage
  • Yellow Brickies Sand
  • Double Washed Dune Sand
  • Coarse Washed River Sand
  • Fine Dune Sand
  • Fill Sand

This is a lot to keep in mind, but the good news is you can get all of the above in one place. We specialise in these landscape supplies and can also advise you on which types will work best for your requirements. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions, we are happy to help.

Structural Soil
We have now established ourselves as the leaders in engineered soil mix technology. We have spent many years developing this concept and have supplied materials to many commercial projects.

Furthermore, we have now broadened the concept to include other structural applications such as turfed overflow parking areas and raising the soil level around existing mature trees.

So ... what is Structural Soil? Conventional road base materials are poor medium for growing trees. Conversely, conventional soil mixes are poor road bases. Structural Soil attempts to provide the best of both materials - good structural support for pavements and a hospitable growing environment for tree roots.

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