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General Heavy Haulage Services

Oz Landscape Supplies is your source for professional general heavy haulage services, including bulk material transport, along with materials supply, material screening, trommeling, mulching, chipping and beyond. 

What is Heavy Haulage?
Heavy haulage entails transporting --- also known as hauling --- a large quantity of material from one location to another. Heavy haulage can involve a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, boats and trains. Heavy haulage is a term that often refers to the transport of raw materials and other loads that simply cannot be neatly packaged in a box or crate. These are not the types of items that you woud want to package into an 18-wheel truck container, so you seek out a heavy haulage transporter instead. 

What to Look for in a General Heavy Haulage Service Provider?
First and foremost, you want to look for a firm that is experienced in general heavy haulage services. Just as the name suggests, heavy haulage loads tend to be heavy and bulky, which can complicate the transport process. A heavy weight load means more momentum, which makes it more difficult to get up to speed and its also more difficult to stop the vehicle, so you need a company with drivers who are experienced transporting heavy haulage. This maximizes your chances of getting the load from point a to point b in a safe manner. 

Secondly, it is important to select a company that has the right vehicle for the job. Heavy haulage takes many forms and you need a company with the vehicles that will enable them to get the job done right. The load may be extremely heavy, or oddly shaped or it may require a specific type of container; all of these points must be taken into consideration. 

You should also opt for a company that can accommodate your loading/unloading facilities and dock. There are different dock types and different methods used to load/unload the materials, depending upon the precise nature of the load. 

Oz Mulchings General Heavy Haulage Services 
Oz Mulching offers heavy haulage services for an array of different business types, including landscapers, landscape supply retailers, land development firms, construction companies and beyond. 

We specialise in heavy haulage for a wide range of different bulk materials, like bark mulch, wood chips, compost, potting soil, wood, trees, gravel and much more. These greenwaste items can be used for lots of projects and purposes, including landscaping, composting, land fill, and even as a power source. 

Oz Mulching offers general heavy haulage service throughout Australia. Contact us today for a price quote for your heavy haulage project!

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** All products that are sold as cubic meterage are measured by a loose cubic meter with a front end loader bucket. 

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