Mulching and Land Clearing

What is commercial land clearing?

Land clearing entails the removal of brush, trees, plant life, and other debris, such as rocks and logs, to make way for a commercial development.

The land clearing process is often the first stage following the ground breaking at the site of a development. This means it is extremely important for the land clearing process to be completed on-time; otherwise, you risk skewing your entire project schedule. 

Commercial land clearing is required for a range of different projects, including:

  • housing subdivisions and developments
  • malls and shopping centres
  • restaurants and commercial properties
  • roads and parking lots
  • warehouses
  • commercial farming facilities
  • parks and public green spaces and many other commercial developments 

In addition, many commercial land clearing projects also entails tree removal --- called felling. It takes special equipment and lots of experience to clear away large trees and remove the stumps.

Commercial land clearing projects are typically on a very strict schedule, which makes it essential for developers and contractors to find a land clearing and felling company that can get the job done in a prompt and efficient manner.

Australia Commercial Land Clearing Services
In Australia, commercial land clearing services can be rather challenging due in large part to the many different land and habitat types that are found throughout the nation. 

Australia is home to lots of different landscapes, from grasslands and savannahs, to bushlands, wetlands, forests and woodlands. Each landscape has its own challenges and a unique land clearing method is used for different types of land. Therefore, you need a commercial land clearing firm that is experienced in working in all types of terrains --- like Oz Mulching!

In addition, you should also be on the lookout for a firm that offers chipping, mulching and haul-away services if you do not wish to keep the debris on-site. Oz Mulching can not only offer these services, but we can also offer landscaping and heavy haulage services, making our company an ideal candidate for your next commercial land clearing project. 

At Oz Mulching, we provide commercial land clearing services throughout Australia. In addition, we also offer felling services, mulching and heavy haulage services. We have the experience required to get the job done properly and on-time, so your project doesnt fall behind schedule.

We are happy to provide you with a price quote for your project. Contact Oz Mulching today to discuss your commercial land clearing project. 

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