Decorative Mulches

Standard Forest Mulch

Uses: General, Commercial, Land Rehabilitation Mulching Applications (budget mulch) - Meets AS4454 Popular with Land Developers, Council and Civil Contractors.

Ingredients: This mulch is sourced from green waste and land clearing material.

 It is ideal as a budget mulch in select domestic environments and commercial applications; particularly bank stabilisation and rehabilitation. Will breakdown into the soil over time, giving beneficial organic matter back to the earth. Course mulch, with larger pieces of wood: can contain very small amounts of shredded plastic and other similar contamination. Certified to Australian Standards AS4454.

Please note: Due to the colour and consistency of this product being naturally formed, we cannot guarantee the colour will be exactly the same as the picture, sample or previously supplied product.

This mulch is primarily used for providing a non-decorative earthy look, for soil improvement along with plant growth and protection. It prevents the loss of moisture due to evaporation whilst assisting in keeping the soil insulated at a balanced temperature thus improving the conditions for plants root balls. Mulching prevents crusting of the soil surface, improves soil absorption and can assist in reducing erosion. Organic mulches naturally break down, and improve soil structure with healthy microbial activity that in turn feeds vital nutrients to the soil and plants. When applied deeply (at least 100mm), mulch can also assist in suppressing weeds.  

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